CrossFit classes at CrossFit Millard combine mobility, skill, olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, strongman, powerlifting and metabolic conditioning! Our CrossFit is for people of all abilities.

CrossFit classes are during all class times. All exercises can be scaled to all ability levels.

All of CrossFit Millard’s workouts can be adjusted anytime for any physical limitations or minor injury, or adjusted for various intensity levels. You’ll get an awesome workout no matter what you do!

At CrossFit Millard there is an experienced coach on staff at all times. This person has a minimum education of CrossFit L1 Trainer, and may even have more qualifications. Other fitness programs may have a coach, but many gyms do not require any formal coach training. This is a key difference when comparing CrossFit Millard’s programs to other competition. Our coaches are there to monitor your form and help make sure exercises are done correctly. Don’t worry if you need motivation! Our coaches are also there to create a positive, upbeat and encouraging atmosphere!


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