Monday CrossFit

CrossFit Millard – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Foam Roll

Topic of discussion, How no Husker team will ever be as good as 94-95

20 torso rotations

10 hip circles r/l

Shoulder circles 10

Elbow / wrist circ 10

10 leg swings

Warm Up

200 single unders

20 air squats

5 hs hold up to 10 sec or 5 inch worm

Strength Superset

A1: Powell Raise (4 sets amrap)

Incline bench

Rest 1:00

A2: Bicep Curls (4 sets Amrap -1)

Zottman Curls


Rest 1:00m

Skill & Technique

B: Box Jumps (30/30 Amrap 4 minutes)


C: Metcon (Time)

800m Row

800m Run

4 rounds

20m cap