Wednesday CrossFit


Gym closed Saturday due to Battle in the Bluffs fitness competition. Come cheer us on at CrossFit Vise in Council Bluffs 8-5pm. Watch Facebook for details!

CrossFit Millard – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Freestyle Foam Roll

300m Row

20 squat jumps

Dynamic warmup

Banded Overhead shoulder distraction

Banded tricep press downs

Skill & Technique

Metcon (No Measure)

Gymnastic Ring Work

accumulate amount of reps prescribed. not to be done unbroken or in one set.

15 minute time cap

Ring Transitions x30 reps

Ring Rows x30 reps

Leaning Ring Push Ups x 30 reps

Seated Banded Ring Transitions x30 reps

Optional to ability level on high rings

Ring Pull Ups x20 reps

Ring Kip Ups x 20 reps

high ring kips x 20 reps

Warmup Front Squats with bar only in between sets


Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

4 rounds

1 power clean + AMRAP Front Squat rest 2-3m between sets

1: Rx 75/55 Rx+ 135/85

2. Rx 95/65 Rx+ 155/105

3. Rx 115/75 Rx+ 185/115

4. Rx 135/85 Rx+ 205/125

record reps for each round
Performance Athlete programming notes:

AMRAP means as many unbroken front squats as possible. Only the Front Squats count as reps.

You are not allowed to drop the bar and power clean again to continue more front squats.

For example. Round 1=25 reps

round 2: 15 reps

3: 10 reps

4: 5 reps

Fitness or Beginner Programming

4 rounds with bar only

1 power clean + 30 front squats

May set bar down and rest, but accumulate 30 reps per round.

If adding any weight challenging to you do workout as prescribed originally.

20 minute time cap