Thursday CrossFit

CrossFit Millard – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Foam Roll Lats and posterior

Row 250m

Spiderman crawl 50′

Lunge with overhead reach 50′

10 hip thrusts

20 sec side bridge R/L


A: Romanian Deadlift (5 sets 3-6 reps)

This is practice of the second pull of the clean. Not a classic football style romanian deadlift.


B: Pendlay Row (5 sets 5 reps each)


C: Barbell Hip Thrust (5 sets 4-8 reps)


Metcon (Calories)

10/20 Assault Bike

Reverse tabata, 4:00 total time 8 total intervals, including rest, one time through.
Scoring is for total calories of 8 rounds.

Larger classes will start Assualt Bike right away, and when finish work on the weightlifting portion after recovery.

Coach Advice:

First 2 or 3 rounds are “warmup”

Spin around 40-50 rpm first round or two to determine an idea RPM that is sustainable but at a high intensity for 10 seconds in your 3rd or 4th round. Total rounds are 8 rounds.

During REST of :20, spin bike at low intensity around 20-30 rpm.

For example on how to pace rounds:


1. spin at medium intensity, around 40-50 rpm,

2: increase to 55-65 rpm

3: 70 rpm

4: 80 rpm (max 10s effort)

5. 80 rpm REST 20-30 rpm

6. 80 rpm

7. 80 rpm

8. 70-80 rpm / low spin rest for 20

end of ride

Try NOT to spin at an effort higher than you can maintain for 10 seconds, and feel you can repeat.

Record in Wodify note RPM you maintained at your max 10 sec effort


Hollow Body Hold (3 rounds)

AMSAP on floor


Metcon (No Measure)

If time allows

Calf smash kettlebell

lacrosse ball shoulders and traps, spinal erectors

foam roll quads