Tuesday CrossFit

CrossFit Millard – CrossFit


A: Split Jerk (Establish 1RM)

Establish a 1RM Split Jerk.

Jerk Blocks may be used.

Barbell may be dropped from overhead.

Same basic rules from yesterday apply.

Warm up with bar, start at a weight you can do for a triple. Increase 20 lbs each set until 1RM.

Options B and C are not required if you split jerk.

Enjoy an ice cold water.

B: Push Press (5×5)

Option for those not interested in a 1RM split jerk.

C: Shoulder Press (5×5)

Third option


500m Row (Time)

Max Effort 500m Row
Time Trial.


S/M (strokes per minute) should be 22-30 s/m.

Rest up to 3:00m or as needed.

3 or 4 attempts at a max effort 500m Row.

Record your best time.

The 500m Row time is a benchmark. Use this time to base pacing off when rowing in the future. Coach Zak can assist with setting rowing pace goals.

Your capacity should increase with more CrossFit exposure. Likely the next time we max out Rowing, you may row faster.

Rowing speed is also depended on a number of factors, no one is directly comparable to someone else, because of numerous factors.

(depending on time)