Thanksgiving CrossFit

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Metcon (Weight)

Thanksgiving Recovery Day

AMTAP 6 hours

(As Much Turkey as Possible)

6 hour workout, eating turkey is your job today, eat as much turkey and stuffing as possible! Protein, fat, carbs! Can’t build muscle without adequate food. Be sure to avoid the alcohol and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

If you have time and must workout try workout posted below! 🙂

Please score the total weight of all food eaten.

Rx+ is for if you ate dessert(s)!!!

Metcon (Distance)

Just have to work out?

30 minutes of running, consistent maintainable pace.

Every 5 minutes, stop and perform 10 push ups, 20 lunges, and 25 air squats.

Score total distance ran.

Metcon (No Measure)

Alternate workout

30 minutes of backyard football with the family