Monday CrossFit

CrossFit Millard – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

200m Run

15 kb goblet squats

10 push ups

20 ab mat situps

Then as a group

30 sec Sub Scap pvc stretch

10 each side side lying subscap 90deg rotations with very very light weight

20 orange band face pulls

10 each arm seated sub scap rotation on bended knee
scap pvc stretch

lying subscap 90 rotation demo

Weightlifting Superset

Front Squat (5×4-6)

Elbow Side Plank Hold (30s AMSAP)

AMSAP adding up to 30 sec each side


Metcon (Time)

For Time – 15 minute cap

50 box step ups

25 push ups

30 box step ups

15 push ups

10 box step ups

5 push ups

Box height Rx for both M/F 20″