24 hour access for experienced Athletes

Do you follow your own gym programming? Maybe you are an OPEX athlete, or follow CompTrain, Outlaw Way, Brand X, or other programming? Maybe you have a remote coach? Maybe you have attended CrossFit Millard’s CrossFit classes for awhile, and would like to work on certain personal specific goals with programming from Coach Zak?

Training in your garage can be too cold, too hot, and it is hard and expensive to always have all the equipment you may need. Training in typical commercial gyms can be difficult, when you need quick access to multiple pieces of equipment to get your training done.

CrossFit Millard will be open to athletes that are experienced in CrossFit and Functional Fitness training anytime!

Athletes who meet the requirements set by CrossFit Millard, will be allowed key pad access to the gym anytime outside of regular class hours. Regular class hours may be used by athletes with coach approval, and if there is room in the gym.

CrossFit Millard is excited to be one of the first gyms in West Omaha to have all the amenities of a CrossFit gym, and the hours of a big box gym. Where else can you get rings, bumper plates, a full rig, Assault Bikes and Rowers? All in a convenient location in the Millard area.

Strict Rule enforcement and proper care of the facility and equipment is mandatory to make this possible. Any abuse of policies may immediately terminate membership. Background checks may be required. You must have CrossFit for at least 6 months and be able to perform all movements responsibly and safely without a coach.

Call 402-429-0500 or email info@crossfitmillard.com for more information.

Go Train!

Coach Zak