Bring Jump Ropes this week!

Members, please start bringing a jump rope to class starting Monday. We may not use them everyday, but you should have one in your gym bag for use in warm ups or WODs.

Any jump rope will work to start out. It can be from anywhere, even a Wal-Mart or Target rope will work fine for starting out.

If you can perform double unders, I’d recommend a SR-1 speed rope from our pro shop.

Jump ropes are a personal item that is not provided at the gym. Everyone needs a different length rope to jump rope effectively.

Rogue Speed Ropes model SR-1 are available in the pro shop if you would like. These are cable speed ropes. This model is my personal favorite for double unders. The cost on these ropes is $25 which includes tax, and can be billed through Wodify with your card on file. I have 10 ropes in stock, and will assist with cutting and sizing the rope if you like. This takes a pair of wire cutters and a small phillips screwdriver. The rope cable is also replaceable on these models if it wears out.

If you have any questions about selecting a jump rope, please ask a coach. I have both a jump rope from Target and a SR-1 speed rope available to try if you would like. The Speed rope is sized for me, I am 5’9″.

If you do not have a jump rope, we can substitute a different exercise for you until you get one.

Thank you!

Coach Zak