Welcome Coach Jered Campbell



I started Crossfit in 2008 while deployed in Iraq after reading an article in Muscle and Fitness Magazine entitled “Sweat Storm”. The athletes featured were not professional athletes but they were performing at levels customarily reserved for such athletes. These guys were not only strong but fast, and they weren’t your typical six foot something 200 plus pound bodybuilder type that typically comes to mind when we think of the ideal athletic male. Most of the featured athletes were between 150 and 190 pounds, a category I fall squarely into, and were moving weights well beyond what I had ever thought possible for a guy of my size. On top of that must of them were running six minute miles or less! My curiosity had been triggered so I gave it a try, setting my more traditional preconceived notions of fitness aside. One week gave way to a month and by then the progress was so apparent that there was no going back.
After leaving the military I Moved to Denver, I started coaching Crossfit in 2010 and found that I enjoyed teaching Crossfit just as much as I love doing it! The most gratifying aspect of being an instructor for me is seeing clients progress, and become comfortable doing things they previously considered impossible.
Crossfit has also become a defining characteristic of my marriage. For my wife and I working out together regularly has brought us much closer. In the gym we face challenges and grow together, though the rest of our lives often pull us in different directions.
We are new to Nebraska (as of 2016) and are looking forward to forging a new Crossfit family here in the Omaha area.


  • CF level one
  • CF Judges Course




  • Served as US Marine
  • Current Law Student at Creighton University